Nordstrom is investing in technology to support personalization and customer service

After reporting lackluster earnings for last quarter and experiencing difficulty going private, Nordstrom announced its acquisition of two tech startups: BevyUp and MessageYes. The former allows sales associates to communicate with shoppers beyond the store, and the company plans to roll out a mobile app with that technology. The latter, MessageYes, will allow employees to send personalized texts to shoppers through SMS and the new Nordstrom app. These acquisitions point to a strategy of customization and personalization for Nordstrom through e-commerse platforms where the company has seen most of its recent success.

In a comment to Glossy, Vivaldi Partner Pete Killian said that Nordstrom’s push into mobile messaging and commerce may point to deliberate targeting of a younger, more digitally native consumer demographic. “These acquisitions can help Nordstrom crack the code on mobile’s fashion challenge: service and browsing, a perfect fit for Nordstrom’s brand heritage. In store, their service model sets the standard. Out of the store – on e-commerce and mobile specifically – their service and experience is below emerging competitors.’”