Nikki Beach Wants to Remake Itself as a Chill Resort Brand

Welcome to the Nikki Beach of the future.

While the 20-year-old nightlife company has no plans to abandon (or slow down) its fast-growing beach club business, it’s also doubling down on Zen-inspired hotels and resorts. It plans to open 20 ultra-chill locations in the next five years in classic and emerging destinations alike.

Vivaldi Founder and CEO Erich Joachimsthaler spoke to Bloomberg about Nikki Beach’s planned expansion. He notes that a “clear belief system” — one that fosters an emotional connection for consumers — can guide a brand through unlikely expansions. But he worries the company may limit itself by keeping its clubs and resorts under the Nikki Beach name. A sub-brand strategy allows for greater growth: much as “Nikki” has been used on cafes and spas, it could be applied to future projects (e.g., Nikki Resort, Nikki Yacht, Nikki Jet).

Maintaining the desired clientele will also be key to the expansion. “Any particular resort is a function of the people who are there,” Erich explains. “I wouldn’t want to show up at Nikki Beach and have a family with kids splashing around me.