A Very Merry Marketing Tale

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Happy Holidays from Vivaldi!

You’ll never think about sledding the same way again. Wishing you Happy Holidays and a New Year filled with the best kinds of twists and turns from your friends at Vivaldi.

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‘Twas the holiday season, and all through the land
Laughing children were sledding, and the sight was quite grand.
Looking out of his window, the sleigh-maker took pride
At the joy of the little ones and the thrill of their ride.
“With a snowfall like this, I’ll be doing just fine,”
Said the old craftsman of his one-product line.

When all of a sudden, with a buzz and a “Ding!”
His smartphone lit up: ’twas his daily news ping.
Instead of good tidings, he was troubled to find
The debut of a challenger – the industrious kind.
“Why own your own?” the press release read,
“When for a less than a dollar, we can share the same sled?”

“A ride-sharing app? But this is absurd!”
The man was disgruntled at the words that he heard.
He looked out again: kids were now taking turns
And he started to panic with mounting concerns.
“If all don’t need one, and it’s one sled for all,
then my business might crumble, my business might fall!”

“What’s changed?” he wondered, “What’s happening here?
I thought my buyer personas were all in the clear.
My retention was high; this seems so abrupt.
Who knew that this market was one to disrupt?
I’ve got to get insights, I’ve got to see trends
I’ve got to find out how my audience spends.”

So he pulled some reports and he learned some new argot
With a mind to re-brand, re-position, and re-target.
“Not all is lost,” he started to smile,
“With the right plan, I’ll refresh this trade mercantile.”
His gumption restored, new ideas on the rise,
He happily started to re-strategize.

“More KPIs, more banners, more mobile!
I’ll start sourcing local, but make my reach global!
Play up the hand-crafted, the eco-friendly, the green,
Even make a new logo (more streamlined and clean)!
I’ll tap into social, get someone with clout
To pose with my sled and spread the shout-out!”

And just as he readied to set his campaign in motion,
His phone buzzed again with a sudden commotion.
More news had broken, as he read with elation:
The sleigh-sharing business faced new regulation!
The courts deemed it unlawful, unsafe, and unfair;
The man sighed with relief and leaned back in his chair.

“While I’ve got some more time, that much is true,
I’ve well learned my lesson – there’s much work to do.”
So he kept his rest short and lay plans anew
To revamp his business and raise revenue.
As our tale reaches its end, we’ll bid you adieu:
From all of us at Vivaldi, Happy Holidays to You!

Join us as we share our favorite #SledSharing memories.

Happy Holidays from Vivaldi!