Meet Vivaldi’s New Partner Marie Chan

Marie Chan

We’re excited to announce that Marie Chan has joined Vivaldi’s leadership team as Partner based out of our headquarters in New York. Marie is a seasoned marketing strategist with remarkable experience in managing and building iconic brands, helping clients find insightful and actionable solutions to branding problems and unlocking opportunities across a wide range of categories. Her extensive brand strategy experience spans a wide range of global companies including Hershey, Pernod Ricard, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise.

“Marie is an accomplished leader in building strong brands and her experience will provide immediate value to our clients. Her experience as a marketing consultant, paired with her experience as a practitioner, and passion for brands make her an incredible addition to the Vivaldi family,” raves our founder and CEO Erich Joachimsthaler. 

Read Marie’s full bio here and read on to learn more about our newest partner!

Challenges She’s Taken on Recently

  • Optimize the member and associate experiences for a health insurance company’s grievance and appeals process
  • Develop an employee engagement plan and roadmap to help an enterprise software company embed its brand strategies across the organization
  • Identify white space opportunities for a retail pharmacy’s store brands portfolio to best address consumers’ unmet needs

Talk to Her About

  • Employee advocacy: how companies can inspire, align and mobilize employees to build brands from the inside-out
  • Juggling work, family, long commutes…and how to be relaxed about it all
  • Her love for Italian truffle-hunting dogs

On Her Bookshelf