Marketing Management (15th Edition)

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Marketing Management, a classic and gold standard textbook, in its forty-first year of publication, continues to be the ultimate marketing text for students and educators. Its unique position springs not only from the vast canvas on which the deft hands of the authors’ work and their inimitable style of presentation, but also from its remarkable attempt to reflect the changes taking place in marketing theory and practice. The text continues to be, as in the previous editions, up-to-date and contemporary, maintaining excellent depth, breadth and relevance even as it ‘talks’ directly to the reader.

The fifteenth edition builds on the fundamental strengths of the past editions, especially in its managerial orientation, analytic and multidisciplinary approaches, universal applications, and comprehensiveness. It is the first time that Professor Kotler is joined by a co-author for this book–Professor Kevin Keller, a top marketing academic and a visionary in marketing, who we are honored to have as an advisory board member at Vivaldi.