How Home Depot is Driving People Back Into Its Stores

Home Depot is installing online order pickup lockers, in-store navigation tools and digital product information screens to drive customers to physical stores. The company said customer experience needs to cater to customers who want to communicate with the retailer in multiple ways as part of one transaction.

Vivaldi Partner Pete Killian speaks to Digiday about how the home improvement supplier plans to fuse digital and physical customer experiences: he notes that despite advances made by retailers in improving customer service, the race is on among companies to become the default platform for home improvement projects, or the one-stop shop for all things related to the home.

Pete says: “When a customer has a home improvement project in mind, who do you think can be the end-to-end solution provider? Home Depot is heading in that direction.” While retailers are concurrently catering to “do it for me” and “do it yourself” customer groups, they’re increasingly reaching out to a large group that falls between those camps, he adds. Amazon and other digital retailers can’t be written out of the mix, but he argues their growth in the furniture space will take longer to solidify than other areas of consumer retail.

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