Here’s why flagship stores for retailers like Apple and Starbucks have become tourist attractions

In the wake of retailers’ e-commerce success comes their next challenge: making a trip to brick-and-mortar stores a valuable experience. Certain companies are focused on creating enticing flagship stores worthy of a visit. Apple’s SVP of retail Angela Ahrendts has instituted a new era for the company’s stores by transforming them into “town squares.” According to her, they will act as gathering places for the 500 million people who visit annually and offer a unique customer experience. Starbucks is also offering its customers a new experience with its Roastery & Tasting Room in Seattle, where consumers will be able to see how their favorite drinks are made.

Vivaldi Partner Marie Chan offered insight on these new stores to MarketWatch: “People feel connected to brands like Apple and Starbucks – it’s a part of their everyday lives. These brands are an extension of how they define themselves. When there is so much attachment to a brand, they want to understand the brand’s origin story and experience it for themselves.” Offering these one-of-a-kind locations to consumers can help create and strengthen an emotional bond between them and the brand.

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