Vivaldi & CMB’s Social Currency Webinar On Brand Strategy Companies

social currency course on laptop screen

Find out which auto, airline, apparel, beer and restaurant brands are leading the pack in Social Currency as brand strategy companies in Vivaldi’s latest webinar, featuring our own CEO Erich Joachimsthaler and CMB’s Brant Cruz and Erica Carranza.

“Social Currency is a much broader and more relevant concept than social media. It involves activation strategies around expression, conversation, affiliation, and more. It brings a systematic way of building brands in a social and mobile world,” explains Erich. “The next stage of digital transformation will require adopting a higher degree of customer-centricity and Social Currency will be key to doing impactful journey mapping and customer experience work.”

Vivaldi teamed up with CMB in a 90-brand study to uncover which consumer behaviors drive brand equity and to understand how consumers’ interactions with brands and each other form their social and personal identities.

This webinar will cover the power of Social Currency to create successful brand strategies and answer the tough questions facing marketers and insights professionals today:

  • What do brands need to do in order to adapt?
  • How can brands keep consumers at the center of their digital transformation?
  • How can brands benchmark where they are now, understand why, identify the way forward, and track progress?

Watch the webinar here.