Food and Streetwear Forge the Ultimate Superbrand

The marriage between fashion and food may seem an unlikely one at first glance, but recent brand collaborations prove otherwise. Partnerships between the likes of Coca-Cola and KITH, Mikey Likes It Ice Cream and Ewing Athletics, and Nike and David Chang of Momofuku show the success these pairings bring to both parties. These collaborations hinge on creating social media-worthy experiences for consumers—like loyal streetwear fans or self-proclaimed Instagram foodies—for them to share across their accounts. Younger generations give rise to food and fashion trends so these collaborations serve as a way for companies to chase after them.

Vivaldi Partner Anne Olderog offered her insight to HYPEBEAST about these partnerships: “Overall, the trend represents a shift in chasing interests. It is interesting to observe a shift in importance of different categories in terms of attracting consumers’ attention. While the large brands (Coca-Cola, Nike) lend scale and visibility to their partners, niche brands (KITH, David Chang) lend hipness and relevance to theirs, as well as an ability to reach millennials — a notoriously fickle audience.” 

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