Fashion Month 101: A Cheat Sheet to What’s New This Season

In this article, online publication Glossy, expands on some major predictions for the upcoming future in this new fashion season and going forward. The fashion world is gearing up for fashion month, with extensive shows and events planned all over London, Milan, Paris, New York and other cities around the globe. The first prediction made, is that the renowned New York Fashion Week will lose steam and not be as popular or strong as in years past. Many companies and designers are seeing Los Angeles as a hot spot for the season as well as choosing to go with more independent shows.

Another prediction made by the article is that politics will be a central theme in shows throughout the season. We are in an extremely volatile political climate and companies and their designers are sure to make some loud statements. Fashion has always been a space where people have felt free to take stands on social issues and with all that has been going on this season should be no exception.

Additionally, there is also a prediction that the new “see-now buy-now” model will be a strong hold throughout the season. This model, which was first tested out by Rebecca Minkoff in 2016 and has since begun to take off. Essentially, it allows people to make purchases immediately after a fashion show to align with the contemporary consumer’s purchase patterns. One of our consultants at Vivaldi, Jenifer Eckstein said, “This idea of being able to click and have something immediately resonates with the era we are in now. Sales have spiked for certain designers like Tom Ford and Rebecca Minkfoff after debuting fashion shows that are immediately shopable – but it will be interesting to see, with the proliferation of the see-now but-now model, if it leads to higher sales for the entire retail season of if there’s just a short-term spike (right after) the show that eventually peters out.”

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