Why Gladvertising Is More Effective Than Sadvertising

'Protect Your Loved Ones'

Life insurance is awash with 'sadvertising'; heart-breaking melodramas that terrify you by revealing that 'mum's actually a ghost', or 'little Billy might not make it'. Why can't life insurance celebrate the joy of life itself? We wanted to make Vitality Life stand out in this sea of sadness by creating positive, optimistic content to drive awareness and leads.

Our research showed that life insurance is usually purchased near a key milestone - having kids, moving house or getting married. But each of these life-changing events wouldn't be as beautiful or memorable without the support of your cheerleaders - the people who you want to protect, should the worst happen. Taking these significant life stages, we dramatised them in a film, linking each touching scene to a heightened need for life insurance, breaking the sadvert mould and celebrating the ones you love in a positive way.

We used the hero (awareness), hub (engagement) hygiene (conversion) model to structure the content, creating a purchase funnel with clever targeting for engaged audiences.


Meet The Expert

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Stephen Firth

Senior Partner and Managing Director

Stephen Firth is the original founder and Managing Director of Gravity Thinking in London, now part of the Vivaldi family. Specialising in digital marketing and communications, Stephen established an award-winning creative agency working with some of the world’s leading brands including Hyundai, Disney and Allianz.