Refining Swarovski’s Brand Management System

Adding Some Polish to Marketing Management

For over one hundred years, the name Swarovski has been synonymous with sophistication. With a presence in over 120 countries worldwide, more than 25,000 employees, and products across a number of B2C and B2B categories, Swarovski is the undisputed global leader in cut crystal, including jewelry, watches, home goods such as goblets and vases, as well as carved crystal animal figurines – as reflected by the graceful crystal swan in the Swarovski logo. The large range of categories and geographic markets in which the brand operated required global oversight, and yet the existing brand management system was extremely fragmented.

Vivaldi’s contribution was key for the success of this project. Without their expertise we would not have been so successful. We made a very easy-to-grasp tool with a very complex set up, and we managed to satisfy all the important stakeholders in this project. The system that was created has the highest relevance in our organization. It is included in all the important strategic discussions. Overall, Vivaldi was very professional, with a high degree of expertise. And it was fun to work with them.

Stefan Braun, Global Director of Brand Performance Management

Results That Shine

The centralized brand performance management system that the Vivaldi team developed and executed for Swarovski has drastically improved brand management across the organization, making it more accountable, rigorous, and results-driven, thanks to streamlined information and constant updates on the attributes most significant to the brand. The intuitive, easy-to-use, and visually appealing KPI dashboard has enabled brand controlling and transparency for people across different seniority levels within the organization. It has also enabled Swarovski’s marketing team to make focused marketing investment decisions across the globe and optimize their marketing mix brand on the brand tracker results.

Meet The Expert

Expert Image
Dr. Markus Zinnbauer

Senior Partner

Markus Zinnbauer is a Senior Partner and the head of Vivaldi’s analytics practice. He brings deep and practical expertise in quantitative methods and brand management strategy.