Creating a Mobile Customer Experience to Rival Apple

Pinning our hopes on a new retail concept

With the 2012 London Olympics rapidly approaching, Samsung wanted to make a splash for the launch of its new phone, the Galaxy SIII, with an innovative customer experience concept. Historically, Samsung Mobile had relied on third-party distributors to go to market around the world but now wanted to build on its leadership position through a retail experience that would create meaningful connections with its customers. This Mobile PIN store needed to be a fully functional and commercial retail environment that was modular and movable, with the ability to quickly assemble and disassemble in major pedestrian thoroughfares, while still feeling premium, engaging and innovative. And Samsung wanted this launch to coincide with the upcoming XXX Olympiad, only a few months away.

The one thing that made Vivaldi stand apart from other firms we interacted with was the ability to step back and get the broader strategy first before going into the more executional items and even before the traditional branding.

Dustinn Jackson, Global Strategist, Samsung

Connecting the Dots
With multiple agencies and client stakeholder involved, Vivaldi Group operated as the chief strategists and orchestrators of this effort to define a compelling vision, strategy and roll-out plan for the new retail concept.

We mined database and strategy documents, then toured UK and NYC retailers to get a sense of the landscape, and explored customer behavior to ultimately design an overall vision and positioning for the store. Knowing a differentiated customer experience would make or break the concept, we identified the key touch points that would most matter to these customers. We followed this up with a comprehensive map of the systems and processes required to create moments of delight.

With the vision and customer experience strategy complete, we developed a clear and actionable marketing and communications plan to guide the launch and expansion. We also defined the organizational structure and requirements, developed a comprehensive digital strategy including customer and staff information systems, social capability and CRM plan. We established processes and partnership criteria for operations and reporting in local markets; and defined performance metrics and research approaches to evaluate success.

The explosion of mobile technology and the changes in consumer behavior that it has engendered are at the center of today’s business revolution. Deepening one’s consumer relationships and understanding is core to succeeding in this marketplace.

Erich Joachimsthaler, CEO and Founder, Vivaldi

Sticking a Pin in it

The Samsung PIN store was introduced at the Galaxy SIII phone launch event on May 3rd, 2012 – a big reveal at the end of the presentation, reminiscent of Steve Job’s “one last thing” announcements. The first two commercial operating stores were set up in London later that month with two more set up inside and outside the Olympic Park during the games themselves. The global launch then took the Mobile PIN store to 25 locations around the world. Operating 24/7, with an average 1,000 daily visitors, the stores were a resounding success. The consumer experience led to enhanced brand perception, purchase intent and translated into conversion rates and sales of key merchandise that exceeded all expectations.

Meet The Expert

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Dr. Markus Zinnbauer

Senior Partner

Markus Zinnbauer is a Senior Partner and the head of Vivaldi’s analytics practice. He brings deep and practical expertise in quantitative methods and brand management strategy.