How We Turned Transport Complaints Into Hendrick’s Most Successful Campaign

'Ministry of Marginally Superior Transport'

Once the leader of unusual gin, Hendrick's now faces strict competition from competitors copying their peculiar branding. We needed to raise awareness by creating a campaign that not only enchanted consumers, but stood out in the crowded marketplace. We knew that our audience loved to travel, but discovered that they were also talking about a common theme online - terrible commutes. So we decided to bring moments of peculiar delight to their everyday journeys.

Introducing Hendrick's Ministry Of Marginally Superior Transport. Our reactive campaign surprised and delighted weary commuters by reacting to their tweets of woe.  From personal space alarms to cramped commuter's cocktail kits, we created over 120 films, tweets and inventions to better their journeys in just two weeks.

And the results? Hendrick's Twitter account grew more in one day than in the whole of the previous year and, during the campaign, the brand channel had over 5.5m views. And of course, we made people's journeys marginally superior.



Amazing! See @TFL, that's how it's done.



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Stephen Firth

Senior Partner and Managing Director

Stephen Firth is the original founder and Managing Director of Gravity Thinking in London, now part of the Vivaldi family. Specialising in digital marketing and communications, Stephen established an award-winning creative agency working with some of the world’s leading brands including Hyundai, Disney and Allianz.