Developing Generali’s Marketing Communication Strategy

An insurance policy for tomorrow

Generali, one of the biggest insurance company worldwide, approached Vivaldi Partners to collaboratively develop a marketing communication strategy, redefine Generali Switzerland’s brand values, and develop marketing activities to increase greater demand for their Mobility and Life products.

In 2015, Generali Switzerland had experienced structural changes that led to a realignment organizationally with Generali’s Headquarters in Trieste, Italy. In addition, the CMO started an internal initiative to strengthen the role of the Marketing department as a driver of strategic projects. In this time of transition, Generali Switzerland needed to act quickly to bridge the gap between today and tomorrow’s brand, requiring strong business-driven and product-focused marketing support in 2016.

Vivaldi Partners was briefed to equip the Generali Switzerland marketing team with a distinctive, compelling marketing communication strategy, as well as a product-selling marketing concept that would inspire the internal team to enhance its marketing capabilities, and would drive business for Generali Switzerland across all customer touchpoints.

Increasing the premium

Vivaldi Partners worked in close collaboration with the Generali marketing team to develop and refine the new marketing communication strategy. We began by interviewing more than 20 senior management executives across all business functions to provide a current snapshot of marketing at Generali, as well as Generali’s brand values. To uncover and identify possible strategy directions and new brand values, Vivaldi Partners additionally provided a holistic outside-in perspective on Generali and its business environment. We conducted various assessments on team capabilities, the market environment, current NPS scores, customer profiles & touchpoints, and current brand values.

Based on these initial analyses and insights, Vivaldi Partners defined a winning marketing planning framework, a cohesive communication strategy and the guiding principles required to drive business for 2016. Customer journeys, communication content and marketing vehicles were defined with a strong focus on a business-enabling messaging architecture. By defining a clear brand concept based on the newly developed brand values, Vivaldi Partners and Generali established clear hierarchies and goals for individual marketing communication campaigns. Establishing clarity on campaign hierarchies and goals allowed Vivaldi Partners to not only set a common understanding of the new marketing communication strategy but also to continue developing various product-oriented marketing concepts, including design executions. Through a collaborative workshop with Generali, we fine-tuned compelling concepts and created an inspiring visual vision that met all of Generali’s communication goals.

Comfort in coverage

Vivaldi Partners’ strategic approach to marketing planning and communication was well received and appreciated amongst the management team. The results were seen as a sound basis for future marketing developments. In an initially silo-driven environment, the marketing communication team was able to increase its influence cross-functionally and create a holistic marketing strategy for 2016 amongst relevant stakeholders.

As a result of this work, a more business-driving communication style and increased credibility of marketing within the company was established. In order to execute on the product campaign concept selected, Vivaldi Partners created a holistic agency briefing to help Generali choose a partner for the execution of the 2016 product campaign. Within just 3 months of starting the development of a marketing communication strategy and its corresponding product campaign, the project was handed over to a major global ad agency for the execution of the new product-oriented marketing campaign. The campaign was successfully launched in Switzerland in April 2016.

Meet The Expert

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Erich Joachimsthaler, Ph.D.

CEO & Founder

Erich is a rare combination of consultant, entrepreneur, academic, researcher, author and positive contrarian. Over the last twenty years, Erich has led Vivaldi in helping companies build strong brands, find innovation and new growth opportunities and realize them in today’s digital age.