How We Made Mums Dream Big Again


In recent years, Disney Princesses have come under fire for perpetuating female stereotypes. Mothers don’t want their daughters growing up thinking they need to focus on attracting a Prince Charming to find their happy ending. We needed to communicate Disney's values, while talking to mums about what they care about most: their kids.

We know that kids dream big. The problem is that when they reach a certain age, they stop. In fact, many parents have buried or forgotten their dreams. So we created a film to re-ignite that feeling of dreaming big in their parents, in the hope that they would lead by example for their children.

With no paid media, we achieved organic views of over 800,000 on Facebook and 472,000 on Youtube as well as coverage in the Daily Mail.


Meet The Expert

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Stephen Firth

Senior Partner and Managing Director

Stephen Firth is the original founder and Managing Director of Gravity Thinking in London, now part of the Vivaldi family. Specialising in digital marketing and communications, Stephen established an award-winning creative agency working with some of the world’s leading brands including Hyundai, Disney and Allianz.