How We Inspired Young Urbanites To Start Gardening

Scotts Black Magic

People associate black magic with illegal substances, but it's also great for growing plants in small spaces. We needed to launch this product in the UK while inspiring a young, urban audience to try it.

Working with micro-influencers, Michael Perry and Gothic Gardener, we created an Instagram channel from scratch, using their knowledge to build underground interest in Black Magic. They inspired the community by asking them to help grow tomorrow’s city and make the most of their small spaces.

With views and engagements in the hundreds of thousands, and people clicking to buy the product on Amazon, Michael Perry emerged as a break-out star, really resonating with the audience.


Thanks for making gardening so sexy.

Black Magic


Meet The Expert

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Stephen Firth

Senior Partner and Managing Director

Stephen Firth is the original founder and Managing Director of Gravity Thinking in London, now part of the Vivaldi family. Specialising in digital marketing and communications, Stephen established an award-winning creative agency working with some of the world’s leading brands including Hyundai, Disney and Allianz.