Ben Carroll

Senior Creative

Ben Carroll Photo

Ben Carroll is an experienced conceptual creative, working out of London for the past decade. Dedicated to creating unique ways to communicate, Ben has been thinking laterally for interesting global brands such as Glenfiddich Whisky, Hendrick’s Gin, Allianz insurance, Pizza Hut, Hyundai and Disney.

Ben Started his career in publishing, before finding a talent for advertising creative, and working up through design, art direction and conceptual campaign creative. Using his all-ecompassing passion for pop-culture, he combines intriguing ideas with cultural trends. It’s believed that the internet runs directly through his bloodstream, with a unique ability to link any subject to a multitude of relvant cultural touchpoints at a moments’ notice.

With a dream to break every rule in the book, Ben is most excited when allowed to take the gloves off, shake off the cobwebs and cut through the noise. He has been the creative spark behind a wide range of bold creative work featuring – mind-controlled cars, mind-reading top hats, irreverent social helpdesks, High-speed sofa-racing, treasured-memory restoration and entertaining school-run stories.

When not creating for brands, Ben can be found hard-wired into the internet – immersed in film, absorbing ideas and obsessing over obscure cultural oddities.

Challenges We’ve Taken on Recently

  • Leading the London-based creative across several global brands.
  • Briefing brands for the next generation of creative consumers.
  • Helping Hyundai launch a range of alternate-fuel powertrains in the UK.