Aaron Sherrill

Director, UX Design & Creative Technology

Aaron Sherrill Photo


Aaron is a multidisciplinary product designer and developer. Skills which started in 3D Graphics and 2D animation have been transposed through time into digital product design and storytelling. Aaron excels in creative environments where big ideas can come from unexpected places and is the first one to roll up his sleeves and start developing prototypes.

Aaron got in at the ground floor of a small marketing startup in New Haven in 2007 at the exact same time as the first Apple iPhone came out. As eyes turned to the mobile format Aaron set his sights on creating engaging content for this new and growing culture. He and his tiny company created and launched a series of successful apps leveraging emerging technologies, increasing the IP of the small startup. From that point on Aaron’s job was R&D of emerging technologies and their feasibility in being used to create unique and authentic experiences.

Aaron has expert level experience with Microcontrollers, Perceptual Computing, Chatbots, Video Streaming, Interactive 3D content for the web, VR, Neural Marketing, A/V, Face detection, and Machine learning. As the company grew Aaron become the Director of Interactive Media communicating the capabilities of technology to the Design Department and building functional prototypes to communicate the design intent to Developers.

After 10 years of steady growth in product marketing, Aaron shifted his career to focus on User Experience Design. His experience gained from being deeply involved in the creative media industry and following the trends of technology has forged the innate understandings of human behavior needed to design successful user-focused products and bring together design and technology teams.

Challenges We’ve Taken on Recently

  • Managing a self-hosted VPS
  • Building processes for a hybrid-remote creative team
  • Homeschooling a three-year-old