The Master Builder: An Ultimate Inside Look at LEGO’s Platform Success

Lars Silberbauer, Senior Global Director at The LEGO Group, will be joining Vivaldi on December 5th to share how to build a powerful platform business through global consumer engagement.


About Lars Silberbauer 

Lars is Global Director of Social Media & Video at The LEGO Group and is driving the well know and innovative toy company’s social media & search strategy and execution. He has built the company’s social media engagement from scratch and now leads a global team of social media & search marketers that drives real-time engagement with consumers worldwide. In 2014 he launched LEGO® TV in 24 markets. LEGO® TV is a native mobile experience for kids where they can experience high quality animated LEGO content and also heads up the LEGO YouTube channels.

When Silberbauer joined LEGO in 2011, the company didn’t have a Facebook page or a YouTube channel. But now, LEGO’s Facebook page has 11.6 million fans, and its LEGO YouTube channel gets more than 1 billion views a year. Silberbauer believes brands must work to understand the social needs of their consumers and act in real-time to engage them effectively.