Creative Director – Experience, Brand, and Digital

Hi! We’re Vivaldi—The Business Transformation Firm. Our strategy-first, culture- & digital-first view on the New Model for Building Brands has transformed businesses and moved people all over the world. We’re excited to move you, too!

We’re a fast-paced, intellectually challenging, growing team of creatives, consultants, writers, designers, artists, media professionals, innovation architects, product designers, and engineers—focused on fundamentally changing the brand and business world one client at a time. We’re digitally-driven, culturally connected, and impact-orientated. Our friends call us smart, creative, nerdy, and nice — and we’re excited to meet YOU.

Our belief is that the VIVALDI is a canvas for everyone to write their own story. Whatever role talent takes — we expect they will evolve it. If you’re going to make an impact at the firm it will be different tomorrow than it is today as you set new standards in the industry. The ideal candidate will live on the bubble of pop culture trends pushing forward ideas that drive innovation and challenge the status quo.

And you are…?

Well, if our intro piqued your interest, you’re likely a gifted all-around Creative Director with a rich creative skillset who’s ready to take on your next big role. You have a special knack in being expressive in all aspects of design and you are thrilled at the thought of not just imagining new products, brands, and digital businesses, but also making them real. That would really be something.

Think AND Do. That’s your thing. Maybe you’re a UX designer and you’re also excited about Brand Narratives. Or Brand Strategy. Maybe you’re one of the select few that know how UX IS Brand Strategy. Maybe culture and innovation are your knacks?  If you’re a well-rounded creative with a passion for the new world of building brands – we’re passionate about meeting you!

Imagine TO Make. That’s your thing, too. From user stories and research, to brainstorms and workshops, to impeccable UX and UI systems, you strive to have examples of all of it in your portfolio and a passion to do more. Our Creative Directors need to be multi-skilled powerhouses.

  • First and foremost, you are a creative generalist – you have your bread-and-butter skills, but you dabble in almost everything. You’re constantly expanding your mind, inspiration, and interests, and this inspires the work you do every day.
  • You’ve been working in creative and digital for more than 5 years and have a well-developed portfolio of work to back it up
  • Competency areas preferred: Visual Branding, Innovation, UX/UI design, Web Design, Customer Experience (CX) Design, Advertising/Campaigns, Social Media/Digital Campaigns, Event/Experiential Design
  • You listen well but don’t shy away from sharing your own point of view, and you also happen to be in possession of a fine set of communication skills, which stands you in good stead when it comes to explaining your creative choices to your team, to clients, and to other stakeholders
  • You’re good at navigating ambiguity and you don’t mind asking questions or asserting action
  • You’re a design thinker at heart and understand its effect on collectivism, creativity, and code
  • You’re a researcher by nature. Your friends rely on you to know what hasn’t been done, what’s been done to death, and what’s dying to get out there
  • You’re looking for the next big thing – for your career and in life. And the idea of working at a company that is at the ground floor of disruption and change in organizations excites you
  • You’re a natural leader and have proven leadership across disciplines and channels
  • You have a ”Can-do” attitude that fosters a positive, productive working environment. You understand that you’re nothing without a talented and motivated team around you
  • You thrive in an entrepreneurial environment. A pioneering spirit; resourceful and good at hands-on troubleshooting and able to take ownership quickly and reliably.
  • And you do all of this while balancing a sense of urgency with a calm and confident demeanor

We expect the following skills from all of our creative directors:

  • Meticulous and devastatingly precise typographic champion — you can gush over ball terminals as much as you rage over bad kerning
  • Strong attention to detail — all work should leave your desk looking better than when it arrived
  • Next-level layout skills, with a firm understanding of the rules of grids, alignment, and hierarchy — and knowing when to break them.
  • Creative storytelling — You can look at a bunch of different slides, experiences, or content and understand how to string them together in a concise and consumable way.
  • Excellent writing skills — The English language is sometimes painfully complex, but that doesn’t deter you from calling out missing serial commas or excessive run-on sentences.
  • Top-tier understanding of Adobe CS — Illustrator, Photoshop, and yes, InDesign

These are some of the skills we expect from this role:

  • Top-tier understanding of another relevant set of digital tools including but not limited to: Sketch, Figma, Adobe XD, FinalCut, Maya, Cinema 4D, etc.
  • Design skills in MS Office (Word, PowerPoint) strongly preferred
  • A Storyteller – You can tell an exciting, compelling, and inspiring story about your work and your thinking
  • Exploratory Nature — Sometimes your best idea is your first idea, but most often, there’s a lot more to be explored. You can come up with multiple solutions to a problem and present each one as if it’s your favorite.
  • Strong strategic skills in understanding business and customer needs and how they affect the story you’re telling through design
  • Quick on your feet — change is the only constant, and you’re ready to roll with the punches when things don’t go exactly to plan.
  • Big on brand — you understand that Brand no longer means only logos and colors and packaging, and that customers need a lot more than visuals to want to stay loyal.
  • Thrive in a research-based environment — No matter your process, you like to take in all the facts before (or while) putting pencil to paper.


  • Support pitch and presentation creation for new business opportunities
  • Lead the concepting and design of creative outputs for a variety of projects aligned with your core skills. Example projects we tackle every day include: innovation concepting & mockups, social media campaigns, UX/UI/web design, pitch/proposal presentation design, infographics, customer journeys, and visual brand systems
  • Support and confidently collaborate with multidisciplinary teams that will include designers, copywriters, consultants, partners, and C-suite execs
  • Partner with the strategy team, challenging their work to help push it further

We’re growing and we’ll need you to grow, too. Expect to collaborate, big-time, with multidisciplinary strategists, technologists, and other creatives, as you pull out all the stops to deliver. As you find your way into this job, you’ll begin to extend yourself in a direction that’s natural for you: Are you a visual specialist? A gifted product manager? We want you to find your new niche and own it.

Our office is in New York, but we are open to remote work as well.

Benefits & Perks:

  • Health, Dental, Vision Options, including FSA
  • 401K Matching Up to 4%
  • Partial Cell Phone Reimbursement