Creativity & Impact

At Vivaldi we are a valuable partner helping brands ignite their marketing performance with our unique approach combining super smart strategy with ingenious ideas and agile activation.

From communications strategies that launch new brands into new markets, to campaigns that create a splash and grab some headlines, to channel management and growth that creates deeper connections with people. We create the impact that your brand needs.


How we think

A new consumer contract is being written. Not by brands but by the people. The value exchange demanded has shifted dramatically yet brands are not evolving fast enough to keep up.

There’s always been a distaste and distrust for brand advertising by the majority and people were already blocking ads at scale. This has been exacerbated by privacy issues and the demise of the cookie.
This means that brands need to take responsibility and control back. They need to more deeply consider how they create valuable experiences, build direct relationships and activate people.

Brands need to think about how they create a new force of attraction with the people they serve.

Impact speaks louder than words

  • Increasing brand awareness for an auto brand by 1.5% in just 12 months.
  • Driving engagement for an FMCG brand by 310% with a follower growth of 120% in 3 months.
  • Getting a gin brand 5 times more talking about than the competition over a 6 week period.

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