Amazon-JPM-Berkshire Hathaway Troika Has a Name: Haven

“Haven is telling people that there’s somewhere to go… If you think about the business model and the employees of the three companies, they’re wealthier employees by and large — that’s who they’re trying to optimize this model for.”

A nonprofit healthcare venture launched by Amazon, JPMorgan Chase, and Berkshire Hathaway just revealed its name, Haven, which very well reflects its goal of transforming the healthcare system by providing better quality care at lower costs. Featured in Healthcare Dive, Vivaldi Partner Pete Killian shares his opinions on Haven’s entry into the industry, pointing out that its branding mirrors the employee demographics of the three giants. However, despite Haven’s high profile, the company’s future plans and strategy still remain ambiguous. Will the venture be able to live up to the lofty goals stated on its website?

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Pete Killian


Pete Killian is a Partner at Vivaldi. Pete brings over 16 years of experience in strategy consulting and is a published thought leader on growth. At Vivaldi, Pete works with clients to develop and execute customer-led growth strategies with a focus on retail and CPG.