We are company builders

We're Vivaldi—The Platform Thinking Company. Our strategy-first, customer-first & digital-first view on the New Model for Building Brands has transformed businesses and moved people all over the world. We're excited to move you, too.


For 20 years our consulting firm has helped business leaders drive impact through understanding the bond between Business & Brand. In 1999, we said: "Your brand strategy is the face of your business strategy." These words are more true than ever. With our rigorous design-thinking and agile process, we'll help you on your journey to customer centricity, identify unique positioning, optimize brand architecture, discover demand-led innovation and bring it all to market. That's strategy-to-impact.


Brand-building to win with customers and make an impact requires a rigorous strategic approach. But all the logic in the world still needs a creative answer to unlock opportunity. We're not a creative agency consolidating a consulting practice, Vivaldi is a strategy firm with a spark of intuition, a passion for different ways of thinking and a knack for creating impact through the unexpected. We can't wait to create something with you.    


Strategy doesn't drive growth if it never leaves the page. From customer journey mapping to content marketing to campaign development, to transformation through digital product design and platform development, the world's most interesting companies work with Vivaldi's strategy consulting, creative, performance marketing and product design teams to drive commercial impact, observe what we've accomplished in-market and act upon what we've learned.  

Our Expertise