Can Cadillac Be Cool Again?

After 114 years of tenure in the automotive industry, Cadillac is going through a brand revival. With 21st century consumers focused more on luxury vehicles without stuffy and archaic associations, Cadillac is seeking to reinvent itself in the eyes of Millennials and regain the premium cachet they once dominated. In conversation with Quartz, Vivaldi’s Founder & CEO Erich Joachimsthaler weighed in, saying that although the quest may be difficult, it isn’t futile. See below for an excerpt:

“Cadillac needs to find its own form of luxury, and can draw on its heritage as an authentic American brand to shape it, Joachimsthaler says.”

“I think Cadillac is in a very good position,” he said. “They have good product, they can tap into different subcultures that have a very positive association with the car. What they need is a brand strategy to consolidate those strands.”

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