This Week in Business and Brands: Swan Song for Screens, Sticking the Strategy, and More

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Maturing With Age: Jäger’s Farewell to the Frathouse

Just like college graduates, sometimes brands need to recognize they can’t stay at the basement party forever. But growing up is a good thing – just ask Vivaldi client Jägermeister, whose recent rebrand has the liquor leaving the Greek life behind for a taste of the German underground. Under creative agency Opperman Weiss’s direction, the complex concoction is moving away from its familiar associations (red Solo cups, shots, and Red Bull) toward slightly more sophistication (innovative cocktails and specialty beer pairings) to match both its recipe and its heritage. That’s translated to the darker imagery of the forest as well as the Bauhaus nightlife, hoping to harness greater authenticity and a stronger connection to its real roots and away from its former frat life. After all, as a “truly refined spirit,” it can’t hurt to alter its associations to a more refined “tribe” – and we’ll certainly say cheers to that.

Transformations in Tech: Sayonara, Screens

Smart Watch, Apple, Technology, Style, Fashion, SmartFrom the desktop computer to the Apple Watch Series 3, it seems advancing technology mostly means making things disappear. First went the mouse, then the keyboard, and as the screen itself shrinks to nothingness, what will this evolution mean for marketers? According to Huge CEO Aaron Shapiro, it may soon be time to shift our attention from what can be seen to what can be heard – since a smartwatch and a pair of wireless headphones is all we need to stay completely connected while on the move, marketers better take a tip from Amazon’s Echo to keep their voice in the ear of their consumers. After all, with 30% of human-computer interactions projected to be screenless by the end of the decade, even the tiny canvas on their wrists won’t be enough to keep a finger on their pulse. Whether that means a move towards “anticipatory” services instead of traditional advertising – catching consumers as they order more home goods via voice – one thing is certain: adapting to modern challenges will be less daunting than trying to cling to the past.

Statistic Snapshot: Leveraging Your Loyalty

Think you’ve got a firm handle on what your consumers really want? Better make sure: according to Adobe’s recent study, 75% of marketing leaders admit they don’t really know how to keep fickle fans from straying to other brands. Not to fear – here are some fast figures that can help lasso your customers with loyalty:

  • Foster feelings over function: with 61% of consumers making purchases based on their own personal values, be sure to engage with their emotions from the start.
  • Succeed with simplicity: 59% of shoppers say convenience is the most important factor for conversion, so meet them where they are to cultivate care and control.
  • Dig into the data: Utilizing A.I. for a predictive and adaptive customer experience can drive more loyalty for 61% of consumers, especially when being transparent about it.

For another approach to allegiance, check out how rewards can go beyond paltry points.

Leadership Lessons: Getting Strategy to Stick

Sometimes great business insights are like New Year’s resolutions: easy to idealize, much harder to realize. So how can you make sure those lofty off-site plans actually get put into practice upon returning to the office? First, capture insights as they arrive instead of trying to recall them later, so they stay potent and relevant. Then, lead by example: create your own personal system for execution that inspires your team to run theirs, too. And don’t forget to respect the deadline: don’t let the hits nor misses go unnoticed, so they don’t get shrugged off as unimportant. HBR also has some suggestions on how to make sure “executing” strategy doesn’t translate into “killing” it: like employing “the IKEA effect,” making sure those responsible for carrying out the plan were involved when putting it together from the start. Then when it comes to measurement, make sure the metrics match the mission, since ROI alone can sway assessment from accuracy. Ready to make the most of those superlative strategies?

Fantasy or Future: Ridesharing from the Roof

That’s all for this week! We’ll leave you with this look at Uber’s next futuristic endeavor: commuting in the clouds…