Brand Portfolio Strategy: Creating Relevance, Differentiation, Energy, Leverage, and Clarity

man reading branding strategy book

In this book, Vivaldi Partners Advisory Board member David Aaker shows managers how to construct a brand portfolio strategy that will support a company’s business strategy and create relevance, differentiation, energy, leverage, and clarity. Through powerful industry case studies, Aaker demonstrates how strong, cohesive brand strategies have enabled managers to revitalize brands, support business growth, and create discipline in confused and bloated brand portfolios.

Brand Portfolio Strategy is required reading not only for brand managers but also for all managers with bottom-line responsibility to their shareholders.


“There’s no authority on branding to equal David Aaker, and here he shows again his weight of experience and keenness of insight. This is a thoughtful exploration of how to structure, manage, and extend a brand portfolio for maximum value. The passages on how to energize and differentiate a brand are especially illuminating. Excellent.”

-Bernhard Eggli, Managing Director, Head of Brand Management, UBS

“Brand portfolio optimization will be the value-creating management approach of the next decade, and will change the way we do business as fundamentally as has business process reengineering or six sigma. Dr. Aaker has written a simple and pragmatic guidebook that will be tremendously useful to strategists. He has almost single-handedly transformed branding from an art into a science, and no one is better qualified to lead the discussion on brand portfolio strategy.”

-Sam Hill, President, Helios Consulting; former Vice Chairman, DMB&B

“Effective branding is a mission-critical business priority. And, as product-markets increasingly commoditize, a clear brand strategy can offer a path to competitive differentiation, particularly for B2B companies. Professor Aaker is at his brilliant best in this book with clear advice on how to make brands ‘real’ in the daily life of an organization and relevant in the marketplace.”

-Anil Menon, Vice President, Corporate Brand Strategy & Worldwide Market Intelligence, IBM Corporation