Why Amazon is targeting Europe first with its new trend-driven label

Amazon is introducing another fashion label, Find, to its current lineup of brands. Find will be one of the online retailer’s largest labels, but its availability is limited to Europe. Amazon is introducing Find with a bang featuring a multinational advertising campaign that includes out-of-home and digital ads—more buzz than it generated around its other, US-based labels. It may be in order to create a better stronghold in Europe, which trails behind the US in e-commerce spending despite having a larger population, while still having a cushion for failure.

Another take on Amazon’s move is that it is looking to establish itself in the world’s center of fashion and then branch out elsewhere. As Vivaldi Consultant Leila Belmahi told Glossy, “Amazon’s strategy across every category it enters is to first meet people where they are today and then bring them where Amazon is headed. From books to Kindles, from Bluetooth speakers to Amazon Echo, the brand knows how to anchor itself in the known to bring in the new. It is only fitting for Amazon to publicly launch this fashion-forward line where fashion began.”

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