Once Admired, Now Retired: Which marketing concepts are ready to be phased out?

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Some ideas have become commonly accepted, exceedingly popular, or very fashionable, but have now been superseded or just don’t command the same impact anymore.

Every year our team hosts a number of small events as a forum for forward-thinking marketing leaders from across industries to connect and exchange fresh ideas and latest practices. In the spirit of thinking about brands and customers in new ways, we asked guests at our most recent gatherings in Chicago, London, and New York:

What idea in marketing is ready to be retired?  

We captured the best, most thought-provoking responses in the graphic below, to share with our broader digital community.




Here’s our tribute to ideas that the marketing world once loved but is now ready to shed – and we invite you to join us in bidding adieu to ideas in marketing that have outlived their usefulness. Contribute a new idea in the comments section or share it on Twitter with hashtag #IdeasToRetire. We can’t wait to continue the conversation with you!